How do you make your money?

We strive to be transparent in our quotes.  You will clearly understand where the costs in your project reside.  This allows us to work together to finalize decisions that could affect the timeline or the budget.

When are the cabinets going to arrive?

It’s common to begin to “dream” about the design choices you’ve made.   We build our timelines with a real understanding of how long these items take and communicate that timeline with you so you know what to expect.

How long is the remodel going to take?

We do our best to set up realistic timelines up front.  But even as good as we are, sometimes things happen that are beyond anyone’s control.  That’s when it’s important to have direct lines of communication open.  We keep you informed at all points along the way with project updates that include timeline and any budgetary impacts.

Are you Licensed, Bonded and Insured?

Absolutely.  We take pride in conducting our business in the most professional manner.  We stand behind our work and the crew we bring to work on your project.

We also are up to date on our Continuing Education and licenses and certifications.

What experience do you have?

Visit our Project Gallery to see a complete list of our projects and testimonials from our clients.

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