Master Bathroom for North Shore Home

“We first met Margaret when Restore North Shore was doing a complete rehabilitation of a townhouse that was purchased by a good friend of ours. It needed lots of work before it was ready to be lived in. The remodel was transformative. We were especially impressed with Margaret’s sense of style and the design of the kitchen. The large cabinets she designed and had built for the kitchen and dining room were terrific. With no changes in available light, the downstairs was made to feel more open and spacious—the result of removing walls and installing an archway into the living area. All Margaret’s ideas.

Since then, we have completed four separate projects with Margaret and Restore North Shore. She helped design and then built fireplaces and surrounding bookcases for 2 rental units which made the living room more livable and warm. We were delighted with the end results.

Restore North Shore also took raw storage space with a cement floor and turned it into a living area with a splendid adjacent bathroom. Only pictures can convey how cool the space now is.

Next, she remodeled the master bath at our North Shore home. End result: we have a nicer bathroom than I ever would have imagined could be built into the available space. The project was done reasonably quickly and within our budget range. Her attention to detail and the design made the project a stunning success.

So, would I use Margaret again? Absolutely. She is fair, easy to work with, always cares about trying to come up with a splendid work product and her sense of style and ideas helped make everything we’ve done with her a success.”