Townhouse Transformation

This total townhouse transformation included everything from upgrading the smallest details (door hardware and all trim), to gutting all three bathrooms and opening up and completely remodeling the kitchen.  Custom features include Murphy beds, custom cabinetry, and antique chandeliers.

Customer Testimonial

Why did you choose Margaret and Restore North Shore?
I chose Margaret over other contractors because she brought her design skills to the project in addition to the contractor role.  She understood that every bit of space had to be functional as we downsized from a 4000+ sq. ft. home to a 2000 sq. ft. townhouse.  She listened to what I wanted and came up with unique solutions – like our custom Murphy beds.

What was it like to work with Margaret?

Margaret is an excellent communicator and I felt like we could talk about all phases of the project.  She went above and beyond in not only managing my expectations but also working with our townhome association as we began construction.  Margaret is dedicated to delivering a successfully completed project and never once left us without a solution to any problem no matter how small.

Would you work with Margaret Again?

Absolutely.  How many people can say that they have champagne with their contractor?  I can.  Margaret has become more than my contractor, I count her as my friend.