Townhouse Kitchen After

Townhouse Transformation

Why did you choose Margaret and Restore North Shore?

I chose Margaret over other contractors because she brought her design skills to the project in addition to the contractor role.  She understood that every bit of space had to be functional as we downsized from a 4000+ sq. ft. home to a 2000 sq. ft. townhouse.  She listened to what I wanted and came up with unique solutions – like our custom Murphy beds.

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Water Room

I chose Margaret because her experience with her own home and her real estate background made me feel comfortable that we’d maximize the value of the project.  Margaret and her team were proactive every step of the way, fixing things before they became problems.  Margaret has an incredible design eye and is a great listener.  She understood what I wanted and turned it into something amazing.

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open concept kitchen chicago home

Open Concept Kitchen

Margaret and her team realized (and improved!) our vision for our home. Their work didn’t just make the house look better, it made us live better. And the renovations fit with the feel of our 100-year-old house, but with an open and family-friendly feel that we didn’t have before. And Margaret’s experience as a realtor gives her a special, unique eye among contractors for the details that will matter for the long-term value of the house–as well as those that don’t.


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Masterbath Remodel

Restore North Shore remodeled the master bath at our North Shore home. End result: we have a nicer bathroom than I ever would have imagined could be built into the available space. The project was done reasonably quickly and within our budget range. Her attention to detail and the design made the project a stunning success.

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Dream Kitchen

Margaret and her team were absolutely wonderful to work with. Her ideas and creativity allowed us to finally have the kitchen we have always wanted. We had a few structure obstacles to overcome with the then current interior space. Margaret and her design person were able to create a seamless design that looks and functions flawlessly. Her suggestion of using Amish cabinet company to construct the cabinets and built ins was spot on. They are luxurious and rich pieces that were very affordable.

Her professionalism and constant attention to detail enabled our kitchen to be completed in a timely manner. She and her partner, Neff, were always available to help with any questions or concerns during the project.

It’s been two years since completion and it still looks fantastic! We love it!

Masterbath Remodel

Margaret and Nef remodeled my master bath. They helped in design as well as construction. They worked with my budget and helped me find deals and selections to keep the costs down. The bathroom is beautiful. they did a great job.


Bathroom Remodel

I had a wonderful experience working with Margaret and Restore North Shore. My upstairs kids/guest bath was totally gutted, redesigned and rebuilt by Margaret and her team and we are so pleased with the results. Margaret has an excellent eye for design as well as an understanding for what my needs were. I have a very traditional home but wanted a more clean, modern feel for this bath and she made it work. She was a pleasure to work with and she worked hard to keep the project on schedule and within budget. I was very impressed with her professionalism as well as the professionalism of the people she brought in to work on the project.


Stunning Kitchen Remodel

We have had an outstandingly positive experience with Restore North Shore, and have and will continue recommending the company. When we first considered our kitchen remodel, we interviewed a few contractors, but Margaret Spaan brought to the table a few things others did not immediately show: (1) creativity in handling design and construction challenges while appreciating the unique character of homes from a different era; (2) a true desire to work with us and honor on our creative vision, rather than pushing her own creative or bottom line agenda; and (3) building a relationship with us to better understand our needs for the remodeled space and our taste, while always making recommendations based on her experience and expertise. Our kitchen remodel went from an early 1990s remodel of a colonial “cottage” with seating enough for a family of 4, to a stunning space I could see in a colonial “estate” that I can envision entertaining and raising a family in for years to come. We were so happy with the end result that we are now working with Restore North Shore (Margaret and Nef) on an entire basement remodel. As with the kitchen, the RNS team listens to clients’ ideas, makes informed recommendations, provides multiple potential solutions and viable options with challenges typical of construction projects, and has an incredibly skilled, professional, and trustworthy team to execute. We could not be happier with our results, and are thrilled with our working relationship with RNS, as well as with our newly remodeled living spaces.


High Quality Kitchen Remodel

Restore North Shore did a fabulous job on my kitchen. High quality and great workmanship! They did a fantastic job making my vision a reality, and it turned out better than I could have imagined.


First Floor Remodel

We hired Restore North Shore to remodel the first floor of our 1927 house. Our goal was to improve the flow by changing the layout, and optimizing natural light paths. Margaret understood our aesthetic vision and our family dynamics and helped us create a space that reflects what we were looking for. The construction process went as smooth as can be expected, and Margaret and her team were able to finish within the given time frame and budget.

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Multiple Projects

We first met Margaret when Restore North Shore was doing a complete rehabilitation of a townhouse that was purchased by a good friend of ours. It needed lots of work before it was ready to be lived in. The remodel was transformative. We were especially impressed with Margaret’s sense of style and the design of the kitchen. The large cabinets she designed and had built for the kitchen and dining room were terrific. With no changes in available light, the downstairs was made to feel more open and spacious—the result of removing walls and installing an archway into the living area. All Margaret’s ideas.

Since then, we have completed four separate projects with Margaret and Restore North Shore. She helped design and then built fireplaces and surrounding bookcases for 2 rental units which made the living room more livable and warm. We were delighted with the end results.

Restore North Shore also took raw storage space with a cement floor and turned it into a living area with a splendid adjacent bathroom. Only pictures can convey how cool the space now is.

Next, she remodeled the master bath at our North Shore home. End result: we have a nicer bathroom than I ever would have imagined could be built into the available space. The project was done reasonably quickly and within our budget range. Her attention to detail and the design made the project a stunning success.

So, would I use Margaret again? Absolutely. She is fair, easy to work with, always cares about trying to come up with a splendid work product and her sense of style and ideas helped make everything we’ve done with her a success.


Kitchen Remodel

Dear Margaret

In my opinion when you decide to do a complete kitchen renovation you need to start with a serious conversation with yourself. Is this a good time in your life to do it? Will you be comfortable with the expenses ahead? Do you know and like your kitchen contractor?

Next to the actual purchase of your home, a full kitchen renovation is probably the largest and most expensive household undertaking a person will have. Make it as enjoyable as possible.

Looking back, I realize that I did all of the above and those are very important reasons why the process and my outcome was so successful. I chose Margaret Spaan and Restore Northshore, her company, to design and execute my new kitchen.

I knew my space was complicated from a design and construction point of you. We took our time with decisions and did not change our minds!

We knew we were pleased with what we chose and we still are!

The crew from Restore Northshore were a pleasure to have in my home for the months they were here. They knew they were welcome and appreciated. I also believe that attitude from an owner is key to the success of a project. We all took pride in the outcome.

Wishing you a similar happy renovation experience with Restore Northshore and Margaret Spaan.

Very sincerely,

Chris Downey

Margaret & Nef were great. The crew on site daily was respectful, hard working, and did a good job cleaning up at the end of each day. The end result was beautiful.

Brendan Gallagher

Detailed Kitchen Rebuild

Restore North Shore executed a detailed kitchen demolition and rebuild. Highly recommend. The service and attention to detail was outstanding.