Your House Your Soul

I believe there is an inherent chemistry between a house and its’ owners.  From the beginning of my career selling Real Estate I have told my clients their house needs to have that chemistry – that thing that speaks to their soul – I called it the “magic”.  You know it when you walk into a house.  It has all the features you want, in the location you want.  But sometimes there is still something missing.  And that’s because it doesn’t yet reflect your soul.

I knew that when we walked into our house in Winnetka and Northfield.  Both homes had the same owners for 25 years.  Clearly times had changed and the needs of my young family greatly differed from those who were ready to downsize.  These homes were looking for someone to breathe new life into them – my favorite thing to do!

So after 15 years selling Real Estate and finding that chemistry for others, and then remodeling three homes to reflect our family soul,  I decided to expand my career and start Restore North Shore, a design and general contracting firm.  Our mission is to help our clients reflect their soul in their home.  So ask yourself – Does your house reflect your soul?

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